Welcome to the Blink Permanent Makeup Studio in Calgary, Canada!

One of the most popular procedures of modern time is permanent makeup. This is a decorative procedure, which is primarily done for comfort. And woman can sleep longer in the morning since she does not need to spend time on makeup and at the same time it helps to add brightness to the image. Constant brightness.

It is not necessary to worry that makeup will deteriorate. You are not afraid of rain, windy weather or summer heat. You always look great - in the pool, on a date in a restaurant, on the beach, on a long trip, on an airplane or on a desert safari. A woman will always look gorgeous, confident and stylish with permanent makeup. You are perfect at any time of the day or night. Attractiveness guaranteed. Men's attention will confirm this truth.

The technique of permanent makeup (tattoo) is based on the introduction of anti-allergenic mineral dyes in the upper layer of the skin.

The coloring pigment penetrates only the upper layers of the epidermis, approximately 0.2-0.3 mm under the skin. It is absolutely safe and effective.

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I created a beauty clinic to help women. Give them confidence, create their own style, teach and show that caring for their appearance does not require much work. Modern technologies in the field of cosmetology are women’s friends, and they must be used. Lips, eyelashes, eyes, eyebrows - this is our female weapon. Make it brighter is my task. A woman can be beautiful at any age, anytime, anywhere. I know how to increase her self-esteem, confidence and expressiveness. Blink.pm uses only high quality materials that are not harmful to your skin and your health. I will introduce you to the latest fashion techniques in the field of permanent makeup. Carefully and accurately we will create your unique image, highlight the beauty of female lines, make the whole world fall in love with you! Come, call, write and create your new beautiful future!