19 September 2021

Colour and shaping Corrections

Permanent makeup is an innovative, and fast growing practice in the beauty world, however, in inexperienced hands, permanent makeup can be a risky endeavour.  Colour theory, pigment knowledge, and needle depth are some of the most important aspects of permanent makeup. These essential pmu basics can lead beautiful, natural results, but when not executed properly, the results can be pigment migration, scarring, and unexpected healing issues.  

But Colour correction can also be used for issues such as hyperpigmentation, Do you have hyperpigmentation on your lips? Or do your lips have a blue hue when your cold? Well permanent makeup can be the perfect answer for these issues.  Colour theory and colour correction skills can be used to fix an array of issues beyond an unfortunate permanent makeup job done by a previous artist.

A knowledgeable artist is a must when undergoing permanent makeup services

Pre/post care do’s and dont’s

Permanent makeup can be the perfect answer to reshape your brows, define your arch, add some colour and shape back your lips, or relieve you from ever worrying about fighting with your eyeliner pencil ever again.  But a very important aspect of beautiful permanent makeup results is pre/post care.  It is important to have the proper info about what to do before and after your appointment, and a knowledgeable, experienced artist will make sure your set up for success.  Talking to your artist prior to your appointment can be extremely helpful, for instance, did you know that if you’ve ever had a coldsore, the trauma that your skin endures from your lip tattoo can result in an outbreak? It’s very important to know these things prior to your appointment so that you’re prepared.  When done properly, Pre/post care is one of the most important aspects of ensuring proper pigment retention and safe healing,  resulting in beautiful results.

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