Permanent makeup is an art form involving careful placement of various pigments into the skin to create natural-looking features, and accentuating your own natural beauty. We have perfected our techniques, and are able to customize our work to achieve your desired results. I love providing brow, lip, and eyeliner services for my clients to boost their confidence.


Incorporating or invigorating your youthful look with permanent eyebrows designed specifically for your facial features can be life altering. Never struggle with drawing or smudging again, picture perfect when you wake up, in the shower, at work or at play. Whether you start with thin brows, no brows, damaged brows or sparse brows, this will bring life back to your face.


Whether you’re an early riser, or a 24/7 beauty queen, my eyeliner techniques will have you looking your most beautiful self at all times. My eyeliner styles range from super natural to full on glam liquid liner. So say goodbye to smearing, sweating, and those early morning liner pencil wars. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner, trust me.


Are you longing for low maintenance lips? The kind that never leave embarrassing stains on your wine glass or tea cup? The smoochable, non-smear zone, that many promise and very few produce. Permanent lip colour is ageless, it gives shape to your lips, and refreshes your colour and definition.

No matter what services you love, we will find the perfect technique that is best suited for your features and lifestyle. You can also find my pre/post care on this page as well, it is extremely important that the pre/post care is followed. My instructions are to be used as a guide to ensure that you have a safe and effective healing experience. Failure to follow my pre/post care instructions can lead to pigment loss, and uneven healing. Following my instructions will ensure a safe, easy, and carefree healing experience, that will result in beautifully healed permanent makeup. If you have questions, or would like to book, please don’t hesitate to contact me

Pre/post care:

*important note*

You are not a permanent makeup candidate if you:

  • Are Pregnant or breast feeding
  • Have gone through a recent organ transplant
  • Have used latisse consistently 6 weeks prior
  • Have active sty’s
  • Are sick
  • Have used accurate in the last year

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